Private Mortgage Lenders

Pacific 8

Pacific 8 is established in Sydney and delivers private mortgage loans to a broad selection of borrowers across the Australian Eastern seaboard. We have extended over $300 million of charge through second and first enrolled mortgages, including caveat loans. Pacific 8 provides quick approvals, straightforward, compact practices and reasonable interest rates that are based and assessed.
Private mortgage lenders Pacific 8 Pty Ltd have the required knowledge and expertise to help you with your finances. We specialise in a range of providers such as:
Bridging Loan Finance
If you are looking to however before you market, we'll assist you through the process of buying a new house while you wait for your present property to sell, or if you're building a new home.
First Registered Mortgage
The money will be given to those borrowing against the safety over the physical land such as residential, commercial, industrial or even rural land.
Mezzanine Finance
Property developers often organize the senior debt from banks and major financial institutions when arranging to fund their own ventures. The most LVR for senior debt is 75% of costs, meaning this frequently contributes to a equity shortfall.

Caveat Loan
Caveat loans are short-term loans which use the property as collateral. A caveat loan is usually taken out between 2 weeks and 3 years, and these funds are usually used for working capital. This loan involves a higher interest rate because of the higher risk associated with holding a charge loan for safety rather than a first mortgage.
Secondly Registered Mortgage
Second mortgages typically refer to some secured loan (or mortgage) this is a bad to another loan, which can be against the same property, like that represented below the first mortgage.
Private Mortgage
Private mortgages are funded from a private lender rather than a lender or non-bank lender. Your private mortgage lender Pacific 8 can help you with your private mortgage.
With each experienced management in place, you may be assured that you will have a speedy approval and processing time of your loan. Private mortgage lender Pacific 8 uses'The Mortgage Office' applications, which has been developed to specifically assist specialist finance providers including people in wholesale mortgage lending. We can use an integrated system which permits an efficient expedition of trades and constant monitoring whilst enabling capital suppliers and borrows monthly reports depicting their outstanding loans. This management system allows us to provide full transparency and flexibility with creditors payments, outstanding balances, this includes fees and charges itemised.
Pacific 8 Pty Ltd is here to help you and your financial demands.
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